Prospective International students

A rich history and a world of opportunity

As a nationally recognized university in a multicultural country and an officially bilingual province, the University of New Brunswick welcomes the benefits of diversity and has a long history of collaboration with international partners through welcoming international students, international development efforts, and research with an international focus.

Its two primary campuses are located in Fredericton, the provincial capital, and Saint John, the province’s largest city. Both campuses offer a wide range of opportunities for students and faculty, and are committed to our role in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Prospective students

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Current students, faculty & staff

International Student Services - Our campuses provide strong networks of support services to ensure international students are able to focus on their educational efforts while studying at UNB.

Studying Abroad @ UNB - UNB’s commitment to providing an international experience goes beyond encouraging international students to study in New Brunswick.  We are also committed to providing opportunities for students to study in an international location through exchange agreements, internships, research activities and others.

Language Training @ UNB – Our campuses are equipped to assist students from non-English speaking countries develop their capacity to study successfully in an academic English language environment.

Other resources

Several offices are dedicated to advancing the internationalization of our campuses.
  • Global Learning and Engagement serves to promote, support and coordinate all facets of internationalization on the UNB Fredericton campus.
  • Office of Research Services seeks to build and maintain a vibrant research culture that can provide positive results for people, wherever they may live.