Undergraduate tuition and fees

Tuition is what you pay for the courses you take. Fees are for specific services not included in tuition costs, including those collected on behalf of groups like the Student Union, student newspapers and student radio.

Fees for domestic and international students vary. Learn about tuition for international students.

Tuition and fees for domestic students

FrederictonSaint John
Tuition $6,626 $6,626
Technology Fee $54 $54
Facilities Improvement Fee $192.50 $192.50
Health Insurance (Fredericton | Saint John) $145 $145
Dental Insurance (Fredericton | Saint John) $118 $118
Installment Fee $30 $30
Wellness Fee $54 $54
Facility Access Fee $164 $0
Student Union $115 $140
Student Union Bursary $10 $0
First-year Orientation $80 $40
CHSR/CRSJ Fee $15 $25
Brunswickan / Baron Fee $13 $20
Total cost $7,616.50 $7,444.50

Supplemental fees

FrederictonSaint John
International Differential Fee $8,925 $8,925
International Emergency Health Insurance* $400 $400
International Health Travel Insurance** $64.50 $64.50
Engineering Program Fee (all other full-time engineering students) $1,350 $1,350
Faculty of Law $3,950 -
Education Practicum Fee $500 -
BBA Program Fee $200 -

(In case of discrepancy in amounts between this page and Financial Services, the Financial Services page will be taken as correct.)

*Requires valid NB MEDICARE card to opt out of UNB Emergency Health Plan.

**Travel must be purchased once in the 12 months.

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Late payment fee

The deadline to pay your tuition varies by faculty and program. UNB charges a late payment fee of $75.