Teaching Awards 2012

University Teaching Scholar

Emin Civi - Faculty of Business

Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching (FEAT)

Gary Worrell - Faculty of Arts
Anu Gupta - Faculty of Business
Chris Gray - Faculty of Science, Applied Science & Engineering

Departmental Award for Teaching Excellence (DATE)

Faculty of Arts
Louis Belanger - Humanities & Languages
Mustapha Ibn Boamah - Social Science
May Ann Campbell - Psychology
Bob Whitney - History & Politics

Faculty of Business
Karen Ludwig - International Trade
Suzanne Tucker - Accounting

Faculty of Science, Applied Science & Engineering
Mo Hamdan - Mathematics
Marion McLean - Statistics
Catherine Obrien-Larivee - Nursing
Jack terhune - Biology

Saint John College
Steve Colwell - English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program
Karolyn Kelly - English Support Program (ESL)
James London - Pre-MBA Program