Finding a student tutor

Student Services compiles a list of student tutors available during the academic year. Students may select the tutor from the list and contact them directly. Arrangements can then be made with the tutor regarding date, location, time, and fee before the service is provided. We recommend setting an introductory meeting to ensure both parties are happy before starting a paid session. 

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please complete the tutor registration form and bring it along with an unofficial transcript to Oland Hall G16. For further information contact Ken Craft.

Tutors are self-nominated and are not vetted by the university.  When hiring a tutor ensure you establish that they are able to assist with your particular course and concerns. Make sure to meet in a safe and public location and agree on hours and price ahead of time.

 List will be updated as tutors become available.

Preferred languages
Contact Info
Accounting Sadek Rahman English
Steven Hildebrand English 

Advanced Financial Accounting

Yan Yang English, Mandarin
Biology (All levels) Raja Wetuschat English, German
Sean Haughian English 

Biology (I and II) Lauren Forgrave English 
Nicholas McCullum English

Biology I Hannah Law English

BA1605 (Business Decision Analysis) Shihao Hu Chinese, English
Calculus (I and II) Nicholas McCullum English

Calculus for life science Hannah Law English

Chemistry (Intro I and II) Raja Wetuschat English, German
Nicholas McCullum


Samantha Williams


Chem I Hanna Law


Computer Science Hongchang Bao English

Economics Sadek Rahman English
Steven Hildebrand English 
Economics (micro) Yanan Wu Chinese 
Electronic Commerce Sadek Rahman English
Finance Steven Hildebrand English 
French - French for Immersion Gyan Gill English, French
French - Advanced Communications Gyan Gill English, French
Health (intro) Brittany Skelding English, French
Human Resources Janet Palmer English

Income Taxation 

Yan Yang English, Mandarin
Information Systems Hongchang Bao English
International Business Janet Palmer  English
Intro to Business Sadek Rahman English
Intro to Organizational Behaviour Sadek Rahman English
Kinesiology (intro) Brittany Skelding English, French
Linear Algebra Nicholas McCullum English

Marketing Sadek Rahman English
Janet Palmer English
Mathematics  Nicholas McCullum English

Mathematics - Precalculus Mathmatics Thanaa Kamel English
Math for Business Sadek Rahman English
Yanan Wu Chinese 
Nursing as a Profession Allison Olsen English
Organizational Behaviour Janet Palmer  English
Philosophy (Intro) Brittany Skelding English, French
Physics Nicholas McCullum English

Politcal Science - Canadian Politics I Gyan Gill English, French

Psychology - Statistics Gyan Gill English, French

Brittany Skelding English, French
Allison Olsen English

Pyschology 1003 Dani Webster English 
Hannah Law English

Christa Russell English

Psychology 1004 Christa Russell English

Psychology - Statistics Gyan Gill English, French

Psychopathology Brittany Skelding English, French
Gyan Gill English, French
Sociology Brittany Skelding English, French
Hannah Law English
Statistics I and II Taryn Minch English 
Nicholas McCullum English

Janet Palmer  English
Hongchang Bao English
Shihao Hu Chinese, English
Statistics for Psychology Brittany Skelding English, French
Maegan Boudreau English 

Statistics for Health Allison Olsen English

Sustainability/Business and Enviornment Janet Palmer  English

University 1003 Brittany Skelding English, French