Kate Frego

Kate received her BSc in Biology from the University of Winnipeg (1980), her MSc in Botany from the University of Manitoba (1984), and her PhD in Botany from the University of Toronto (1994). She is a plant ecologist, with a special interest in bryophytes (mosses and liverworts), especially in temperate and boreal forests. 

Most of her research is field-oriented, and examines the impacts of, and recovery from, anthropogenic disturbances such as forest management.  She has worked in forests in Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, and New York.  She has taught extensively, at universities in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick, and has won numerous teaching and educational leadership awards at the local, regional and national levels.


1997 Dr. Allan P. Stuart Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching, UNB
1998, 1999 "Popular prof" for UNB, Maclean's Guide to Canadian Universities
2001-2004 University Teaching Professor (inaugural award, University of New Brunswick)
2002 Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU) Distinguished Teacher Award
2005 Departmental Award for Teaching Excellence (Biology, University of New Brunswick)
2006 Neil Scott Educational Leadership Award (inaugural award, University of New Brunswick)
2007 AAU Instructional Leadership Award (first person to receive both AAU awards)
2008 3M National Teaching Fellowship