Hon. Jane Philpott, Minister of Health Canada attends New Brunswick Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) stakeholder meeting

Researchers and staff from the Maritime SPOR Support Unit (MSSU), and the SPOR Networks in New Brunswick were represented in a coffee meet and greet with Hon. Jane Philpot, Minister of Health, Hon. Wayne Long, Member of Parliament and Hon. Alaina Lockhart, Member of Parliament.

Stakeholders from four different SPOR research teams offered Minister Philpot a “three minute thesis” presentation of the work taking place to improve patient-oriented research in New Brunswick and across Canada.

Shelley Doucet was one of the researchers highlighted and shared the announcement of the recently funded SPOR Chronic Disease Network focused on children with complex needs. This network involves over 100 stakeholders across Canada working to lead an innovative pan-Canadian network named CHILD-BRIGHT, which aims to improve life outcomes for children with brain based developmental disabilities and their families.

Their Pan-Canadian network ended up being only 1 of 5 nationwide projects funded by CIHR under their SPOR Network in Chronic Disease program. The team received $25 million over five years, of which a $12.5 million came from CIHR and the remainder was equally matched by other funding partners, including $250,000 from the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation.

Dr. Doucet and her team were invited by the research team to be a hub for research that takes place in Atlantic Canada that is focused on the transition from pediatric to adult care.

“Our research program will help achieve brighter futures for children and their families by ensuring that they have access to integrated collaborative care that is timely, convenient, and meets the unique health care needs of this population,” explains Doucet.