Information Sciences


The Department is no longer advertising the BISc, while it decides whether to revamp the degree or begin the process of deleting it.

Our department, in conjunction with Mathematics and Statistics, Business, and Economics, offers the 4-year Bachelor of Information Sciences (BISc) degree.  This interdisciplinary degree traces back to the Bachelor of Science in Data Analysis degree, offered at UNB Saint John beginning in 1978.  The core subjects are particularly relevant to the collection, treatment, understanding and management of data (information) encountered in other academic disciplines as well as in business, industry and government organizations.    For the last two years of study, students in the BISc degree must choose one of two specializations: Decisions and Systems Science or Decisions and Business Management.  The first specialization focuses on computing and statistics, while the second one targets applications in economics and business.

For more details on the BISc degree, please see the information in the  online calendar.