• Prabhat Mahanti will join the editorial board of the International Journal of Extreme Automation and Connectivity in Healthcare.
  • Alireza Manashty, Dr. Janet Light's PhD student, received the second place award for his video pitch at 4th annual RBC UNBeatable Ideas Competition ( Video:
  • Chris Baker presented "Sepsis Surveillance: Actionable decision support depends on a data scientist?" at the Center for Biomedical Informatics, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis USA. November 2017.
  • Chris Baker presented " Decision Support for Agricultural Consultants with Semantic Data Federation" at Big Data Congress, Ocean and Earth, Halifax, NS, Canada, November 2017.
  • Talk "Cognitive Agents in Virtual Reality and Gaming Environments" by Rainer Herpers, November 2 at 3pm in Oland Hall G31.
  • Prabhat Mahanti published "Emperical Validation of Defect Density Prediction Uisng Static Code Metrics", Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences 9(2),pp 57-66, 2017.
  • Chris Baker presented "Reseach Data Alliance" at the IGAD Pre-Meeting on Capacity Development in Agricultural Data Management, Sept. 2017.
  • Chris Baker and Sadnan Al-Manir published "A Malaria Analytics Framework to Support Evolution and Interoperability of Global Health Surveillance Systems", IEEE Access 99, Oct. 2017.
  • Chris Baker and Sadnan Al-Manir had a poster "A Change Management Dashboard for the SIEMA Global Malaria Surveillance" at the International Semantic Web Conference, Oct. 2017.