Choosing your Major/Specialization

Student in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) program should begin thinking about what major they would like to focus on in their first year.  The sooner you choose your major, the easier it will be to decide what courses you need to register for.  Look through the Academic Calendar for the different programs offered on the Saint John campus.  You can also look at the program checklists for a quick overview of the courses required.

Why should you declare a major/specialization?
(1) You will be eligible for more specific scholarships/awards/grants (applications due April 15 - see link).
(2) Know what courses you should register for in the coming terms.
(3) Receive communications that are reserved for students only in those programs.
(4) If you aren't 100% sure about your choice, you can change at any time!

Questions? Contact Amy Witkowski.

Apply for a major/specialization

Students looking to apply to a major or specialization in their degree must complete the online application form. Please review the information below before submitting your application.

  1. Students are responsible for meeting their own graduation requirements.  Use tools like the program checklists, and consult with advisors.  Don't forget to plan ahead - many upper level courses are offered in alternating years
  2. Register for core courses at the first available opportunity (see Calendar of Academic Dates). Students should have a plan and be able to register their next-year of courses as soon as registration opens each year. *Always check for prerequisites and corequisites
  3. Review the applicable course content lists for: Environmental Biology, Marine Biology and the Zoology Specialization.
  4. For basic advising including course selection approval and graduation assessments contact the SASE advisor.
  5. Students looking for the Honours thesis program (Biol 4090 or BIPS 4001/4002) must first be accepted by a supervising faculty supervisor.
  6. Students seeking further information regarding non-advising issues are encouraged to contact the appropriate Student Service or SASE Department.
  7. For information on upper year course content, Honours programs, graduate school, letters of reference, professional experience students may contact: