Life is an experience

UNUNB Saint John can take you places you never dreamed possibleB Saint John can take you places you never dreamed a university could.

Like a classroom where the professor knows your name, or knee-deep into a muddy marsh in the name of research. UNB Saint John can take you toward your own future.

With 3,000 students, UNB Saint John provides a learning experience tailored to your interests. Classes are interactive with award winning instructors and provide opportunities for you to debate, question, work, and practice in labs or clinicals.

It's about experience as well as knowledge.

You're not alone

We'll help you along the way with:

  • An academic advisor to guide you through your university experience
  • Opportunities to contribute through paid part-time undergraduate research
  • Real job experience through co-ops in the community or work studies on campus
  • Refine your lab skills on-campus and in the field
  • Clinicals that allow you to develop caring nursing skills with real patients
  • Case study learning styles that address real issues in the community
  • Assistance from professors and Student Services staff

At UNB Saint John, learning is a two-way street where you will have the chance to contribute, develop, add to your resume and explore areas that interest you.

Participate, and we'll help you find your way.