Information and Communication Studies

Information and Communications Studies is online, interactive and connected. Society is in the midst of a fundamental shift in how we communicate with each other, access information and view popular culture.

As an ICS student, you will cast a critical eye on the impact of new technologies and processes on our social, political, economics and cultural landscapes. Things considered may be the decline of newspapers, radio and television; the rise of Twitter, Facebook and social media sites; and the external Mac v. PC debate.

You may take a combination of ICS courses in their first two years of study. At the end of the first two years of full-time study, you may apply to complete a major, double major, or a minor in ICS. As an interdisciplinary program, ICS offers students the chance to take ICS-eligible courses from such areas sociology, political science, business administration, history, English, psychology, computer science and French.

You can choose to concentrate in one of three areas: Technology and Communications Practices, Information Gathering, Governance and Policy, or Media and Culture.

Information and Communication Studies at work

The ICS program prepares students for thoughtful citizenship and participation in a media-saturated world. Your ICS degree could lead to work as a:

  • broadcaster
  • community/social media developer
  • media producer
  • online product developer
  • journalist
  • publicist
  • online marketing strategist
  • research analyst