Program Information

The MA program has been designed to provide students with knowledge about current issues and developments in a broad range of research areas, as well as training in advanced experimental design and statistics.

Additionally, they will be required to achieve a comprehensive understanding of a sub-field of their choice, and will be required to propose and carry out a research project in that area. The program is also designed so that it can be tailored to meet the needs of individual students.

Each student will be required to carry out a major research project that makes a significant contribution to the body of knowledge that comprises the field of psychology.

Under the supervision of a thesis committee, that will typically be comprised of a faculty advisor and two additional members of the School of Graduate Studies, the student must formulate a hypothesis derived from a review of the pertinent literature, design and carry out experiments addressing the hypothesis, and submit a thesis which constitutes a report of these efforts.

All students are required to complete a written proposal for the Master's thesis and to successfully defend this proposal at an oral examination. Further, all students must defend their completed MA thesis during an oral examination.

MA in Psychology 

The MA degree program focuses on Experimental Psychology. 

  • Students are required to take 2 Statistics courses (PSYC 6013 and 6014), 4 Proseminar courses (PSYC 6103, 6203, 6303, 6403), one Ethics course (PSYC 6101), and one course tailored to the student’s needs. 
  • In addition, all students must complete a Masters Thesis (PSYC 6997) that makes an original contribution to the body of knowledge that comprises the field of psychology.  
  • The MA degree program is of 2 years duration (22.5 credit hours, plus a thesis) and is designed for students intending to pursue a Ph.D. degree in psychology.

Courses typically are offered in alternating years; some travel to Fredericton may be required.  A typical schedule is as follows:

Year 1
Fall Term: PSYC 6101; PSYC 6013; PSYC 6103
Winter Term: PSYC 6014; PSYC 6203

Year 2
Fall Term: PSYC 6303; one 3 credit hour course
Winter Term: PSYC 6403; defend thesis (PSYC 6997)

Depending on the background of the incoming student, the course requirements may be revised. Special Topics courses tailored to the interests of the degree candidates, can also be included each year.

Candidates may access some graduate level psychology courses on the Fredericton campus, with permission from the respective Directors of Graduate Studies and the course professors concerned.

As well, a student may, with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies and the student's advisor, opt to replace up to two of the Proseminar courses (PSYC 6103 , 6203 , 6303 and 6403) with PSYC 6503, 6504 or 6005.