Dr. Joe Galbo teaches a sociology classThe study of sociology broadens and deepens our understanding of cultures, social and political organizations, ideas, and social change.

Sociology is the largest unit in the Department of Social Science.  Our curriculum provides a solid foundation in sociological concepts, theories, and methods, so students are well prepared for their future endeavours.  Thinking about taking a sociology major or double major, or doing an honours program?  Our undergraduate advisor, Dr. Lee Chalmers, will be glad to answer your questions. 

Whether you are preparing for a career in criminology, social service, business, policy analysis, nursing and the health sciences, journalism, new electronic media, teaching, or social research, a bachelor of arts in sociology will help you develop the skills you need to make a positive difference in your chosen field.

Our sociology program is served by a diverse group of scholars who study topics of public concern and communicate their findings to wider communities.  Cross-specialization is at the very heart of our vision of sociology, and out faculty members play active roles in related program at UNB Saint John.  Programs like gender studies, international studies, information and communication studies, the urban and community studies institute, nursing and health sciences, the criminal justice minor, and the study abroad program.

The sociology program maintains strong international connections and sponsors numerous events, conferences and seminars, as well as a public speaker series that are open to all members of the Saint John community.

"Given the small numbers ... we are impressed with the accomplishments of the Sociology discipline and its faculty ... As a whole, the tenured faculty in Sociology are evidently dedicated and effective teachers.  In addition the dedication to community service of the faculty is noteworthy."

External Quality Assurance Review - UNB Saint John Department of Social Science, 2009.  Prof. R. C. LeBlanc (L'Universite de Moncton) and Prof. M. Knuttila (VP - Academic, University of Regina).