Study Economics at UNB Saint JohnEconomics students explore individual decision-making and national policy commonly used in today's modern mixed-market economies.  There is a framework to the study of economics:

Microeconomics - examines how individual firms and consumers, known as economic agents, make decisions.  Also considered in microeconomics are the impact decisions made by these individual agents impact markets.

Macroeconomics - explores the economies of entire countries.  Macroeconomics thinks about questions of short-term fluctuations in economic activity, like unemployment.  It also considers issues like long-term economic growth.

Econometrics - the fundamental tool of analysis used by economists.  Data from the 'market' or the 'economy' is examined to see how well it corresponds to economic theory.

Bachelor of Arts with a major, double major, or minor in Economics

Bachelor of Business Administration with a major or minor in Economics

Bachelor of Science with a major in Economics

ECON - eligible substitutes