Dr. Murray Goddard

Dr. Murray GoddardDr. Murray Goddard is a Professor of Psychology at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John.  

He received his BA from the University of Calgary and his PhD from McMaster University before joining the Psychology Department in 1987.   From 1993 - 1994 he was a research scientist at Duke University, was awarded a University Merit Award in 1999, and a University Teaching Award in 2002.

Dr. Goddard specializes in animal learning and behavior.   His research interests are in classical conditioning (particularly on the signal value of food using rats as subjects) and his teaching interests include Introductory Psychology, Learning, and Comparative Psychology.

Dr. Goddard's research is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and he is a member of the Canadian and American Psychological Association, Psychonomic Society, and Eastern Psychological Association.

Selected articles & book chapters:

  • Goddard, M.J. (2009).  The impact of human intuition in psychology.   Review of General Psychology, 13, pp. 167 - 174.
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  • Skinner, D.M., Goddard, M.J., & Holland, P.C. (1998).  What can nontraditional features tell us about conditioning and occasion-setting?  In N.A. Schmajuk & P.C. Holland (Eds.) Occasion setting.   Associative learning and cognition in animals (pp. 113 - 144).   Washington, DC:   American Psychological Association.
  • Goddard, M.J. (1996).  Effect of US signal value on blocking of a CS-US association.   Journal of Experimental Psychology:   Animal Behavior Processes, 22, pp. 258 - 264.
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