An altar de muertos is a home altar with sugar skulls, colorful tissue paper cut-outs of skeletons, food and beverage offerings, marigolds and photos of deceased relatives.  The Days of the Dead is an ancient religious celebration in parts of Latin America that originally honored children and the dead.  It was evolved to incorporate a blend of ancient Indian and Christian features.  The celebration is considered a festive time when family members remember and honor their dead and the continuity of life.
This altar will commemorate the life of Rubén Espinosa, an outspoken Mexican journalist that was involved in protests seeking justice for the journalists killed in Veracruz.  He fled his home state after being harassed and has been found dead in Mexico City in August 2015.  This event will raise awareness of journalists to preserve the right of free speech while battling efforts by government or others to control information.

Launch event:

Date:        Monday, November 2

Time:        12:30pm

Location:   Hans W. Klohn Commons, BMO Room (Basement)

Contact:    Hepzibah Muñoz-Martínez, Department of History and Politics, (506) 647-4245,