What we offer and why we are different


Our week long transition camp will provide you with the real university experience. Open to all first-year Science students, UNBetween offers a chance to stay in residence, attend real classes and laboratories and receive a personal assessment of your learning strengths. You will also learn more about our programs and student support systems. We will provide you with the tools to make your upcoming academic year a success. Oh, and you'll have fun and make new friends while you're here.

Science Student Leadership Program (Peer Mentors)

Lost, worried, stressed out or need advise from an upper year student? Don't worry; our Peer Mentors are here to help. Our Science Peer Mentors are available throughout the academic year (not just for Orientation!). They are an enthusiastic bunch who know all the ins and outs of university life, tools for academic success and our faculty. Science Student Services and the Peer Mentors host a variety of annual events such as: fundraising for the Fredericton Food Bank, Hallo-week, Science Variety Show, Winter Carnival and the annual dodgeball tournament. Get your throwing arm ready, we'll see you on the court!

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program

Is there something that you quite didn't get in a lecture? The PAL program is designed to help you process and understand the information you received. PAL is the ultimate support system for first-year students in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. With the added bonus of learning new ways to take notes, prepare for class/midterms and a great way to have support amongst your peers. Students who attend PAL will, on average, earn a half-full letter grade higher. What a perk!

Math Learning Centre

Need help with a math assignment or looking to review material before a midterm or final exam? The Math Learning Centre is available to you at no cost for drop-in sessions or for private tutoring. The Centre also provides 30-minute math study skills workshops for all students who are interested in making the most of their study time.

Science 1001

First year can be intimidating for many people. With this in mind, we have built Science 1001 into our curriculum. Studying efficiently, time management and dealing with stress doesn't come naturally to most people. We get that. We will provide you with all the tools necessary to succeed here at UNB Science.