Hall of Fame

This page is to recognize those students who receive major awards/scholarships/fellowships and major publications/mentions.


  • Allen Beck MSc Biology (Myriam Barbeau) - Atlantic Canadian Land Reclamation Association Scholarship
  • Taryn Elaine O'Neill MSc Biology (Christopher Gray) - Governor General Gold Medal 2012
  • Andreas Kreienbuehl PhD Mathematics (Viqar Husain) - Governor General Gold Medal 2011
  • Stefan Kruse PhD Geology (Paul Williams) - Governor General Gold Medal 2007
  • Christopher Evans Lane PhD Biology (Gary Saunders) - Governor General Gold Medal 2005
  • Gordon Richard Osinski PhD Geology (John Spray) - Governor General Gold Medal 2004
  • Austin Chih-Yu Chen PhD Chemistry (Cathleen M. Crudden) - Governor General Gold Medal 2002
  • Kimberley Mawhinney PhD Biology (Anthony Diamond- Governor General Gold Medal 2000


  • Christopher Lane (PhD 2005) Governor General's Gold Medal winner.  Recently a publication deriving from his work was recognized as the second most cited paper in the Journal of Phycology for the past decade and the only macroalgal paper to reach the top three cited papers in any decade, it was also the cover article for that issue of the journal. "A multi-gene molecular investigation of the kelp (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae) supports substantial toxonomic re-organization" (Lane et al. 2006. J. Phycol. 42: 493-512).