Incoming Mail/Parcels

Mail is delivered to your mailbox Monday to Friday.

Parcels are picked up at Residence Administration Building, 20 Bailey Drive. You will receive an email notification when your parcel arrives. Only the student that the parcel is addressed to can collect it, please bring your UNB Student Photo I.D. with you. We keep parcels for two weeks and they are then returned to the sender.

Outgoing Mail/Parcels

Stamped mail may be sent from the Residence Administration Building, 20 Bailey Drive.

Parcels must be sent from one of the various Canada Post outlets around the city.

In accordance with Canada Post policies, we cannot forward mail. Before checking out of residence, make sure you've sent a forwarding address to anyone who needs it. 

Please note:  perishable items will not be accepted regardless if sent by courier or regular mail.