Bell Aliant and UNB Fredericton are excited to announce the arrival of Bell Aliant FibreOP internet services to the 13 residences in Fredericton. FibreOP Internet service is a reliable 100% fibre‐optic network that will connect directly to your residence room allowing for a high quality user experience.

FibreOP Internet

FibreOP Internet offers speeds with 50 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload service. A wireless N modem is included, with secure wi-fi capability per access in each residence room. You will find an Actiontec Modem in your room that has a sticker with a network name and a password printed on it. A Wired connection requires only a network cable to be plugged into the port on the router. Instructions for setting up wireless on the most common operating systems can be found on in the support section. To connect to the wireless network in your room locate the sticker on your Bell Aliant FibreOP router and use the information to connect:

Aliant FibreOP Router Aliant FibreOP Router Sticker

Phones Service

  • Unlimited New Brunswick Long Distance
  • Call Display
  • Call Waiting
  • Voice Mail (dial *99 to access, temporary password is your 7 digit phone number)

Student Calling Card

Students will be able to apply for special student calling card.

You can obtain your Calling Card by contacting Bell Aliant at 1-866-342-7367.  Please be sure that you identify yourself as a UNB Fredericton student for the special rated calling card.

Technical Support

If you have any problems with the FibreOP services in your room you can contact Bell Aliant at 1-866-342-7367, please use the options below.

  • 1 for English, 2 for French
  • the 10 digit phone number of your residence phone
  • 2 for support

You will need to identify yourself as a "UNB residence student" and provide Bell Aliant with your room number and the phone number for your room.  If you do not have the phone number for your room please contact Residence Administration at 453-4800.

McLeod 2nd Floor

Please note that support for you services is different from other residence rooms on campus, if you have any trouble with the Internet connection in your room please email Student Services. A local UNB technician will trouble shoot your connection and if needed contact Bell Aliant for further support.

Acceptable Use Policy

By using the Internet or telephone services in your residence room you are agreeing to abide by the Internet Acceptable Use Policy


Keeping your computer safe can seem like a daunting task. Taking several small steps can have a huge impact on your computer's safety and security.  Here are some tips:

  • Security updates: One of the most effective ways to protect your computer is to make sure you’ve uploaded all the latest patches and security updates.  If you’re running a newer version of Windows you can click on Start, All Programs, and Windows Update.  This will start the Windows Update process where you can follow onscreen prompts to install the latest updates. 
  • Anti-virus software: Anti-virus software is not as high profile as it used to be, but is still very much recommended.  We don’t have a free anti-virus solution for students to use on their own computers, but there are many excellent free anti-virus programs available.
  • User names and passwords: Another simple step you can take to protect your computer is to make sure that every user on the computer has a strong password associated with it.  You can click on Start, Control Panel, User Accounts to view each of the accounts currently on your computer.  You can then click on each account to create a password.  This simple step will have the largest impact on your security and safety. 
  • Protecting your computer from theft: Download FREE protection software.