Marilyn Merritt GrayMarilyn Merritt-Gray, BN, MN

Contact information

Marilyn Merritt-Gray
Phone: (506) 458-7634
Fax: (506) 453-4519

Education summary:

  • BN 1977, University of New Brunswick, Fred., NB
  • MN 1986, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • Extensive involvement in clinical practice and research focused workshops and internships

Key area(s) of interest/expertise:

  • Woman abuse, how to improve our preventive, crisis, and follow up programs and interventions
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health care, particularly with young and middle aged adults, from a generalist nurse perspective
  • Health resource development and design particularly relevant to the rural context
  • Women’s wellness, particularly Obs/Gyn

Classroom/clinical teaching summary

  • Regularly supervise graduate nursing students advanced practice, thesis, and reports
  • Undergraduate and graduate teaching: primarily Psych/Mental health and community nursing practice focus

Research, grants & publications summary

  • Wuest, Merritt-Gray, Hodgins, Majerovich, Dube, Ford-Gilboe, Varcoe; $484, 950, 2009-2012; CIHR/NBHRF,  An Exploratory Study of the Feasibility and Efficacy of a Primary Health Care Intervention for Women in the Early years After Leaving and Abusive Partner,
  • Wuest (PI), Hodgins, Merritt-Gray & Seaman;  $163,164;  2007-2009; Alzheimer Society & CNF, Past Relationship and Obligation as Predictors of Health and health Promotion in Women Caregivers of Family Members with Alzheimer Disease and related Dementias
  • Duffy, Wuest & Merritt-Gray $77,888; 2007-2010, SSHRC, Lone Mothers Achieving Employment in the Aftermath of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Wuest, Merritt-Gray $104,548; 2006-2009, SSHRC, Evolution in Intimate Partner relationships as Male Partners Become Non-abusive
  • MacIntosh, Wuest & Merritt-Gray $179,712; 2006-2009, SSHRC, Health Promotion Processes of Women Who Have Experienced Work Place Bullying and Intimate Partner Violence
  • MacIntosh, Wuest & Merritt-Gray $68,611; 2006-2009, SSHRC, The Effects of Workplace Bullying on Women’s Patterns of Engagement in the Workplace
  • Wuest, Merritt-Gray $57,777; 2003-2006 SSHRC, Achieving Non-Violence in Abusive Intimate Partner Relationships and Women’s Health
  • Wuest, Hodgins, & Merritt-Gray $144,228 2003-2006CIHR, The Influence of Past Relationship and Obligation on Health and health promotion in Family Caregivers of Adult Family Members
  • Hodgins, Wuest, & Merritt-Gray $167,236 2003- 2006, Comparison of the Use of Formal and Informal Emergency Health Care resources by Rural and Urban Canadians
  • Ford-Gilboe, Wuest, Varcoe, Merritt-Gray, Davies & Hankivsky $1.25M 2003- 2008 CIHR New Emerging Team Grant: The Long Term Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Mental and Physical Health of Women Who Have Left Abusive Relationships: Building the Evidence to Improve Professional Practice and Public Policy
  • Ford-Gilboe, Wuest, Varcoe, Merritt-Gray, Hankivsky $360,000 2003- 2005 The Effects of Personal, Social, and Economic Resources on Physical and Mental Health of Women in the Early Years After Leaving an Abusive Partner


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Professional practice, committees, volunteer work summary

  • 2002: Member of consultative review committees concerning the revision of NB’s provincial woman abuse protocols, and review of the Victim Services Programs in NB
  • 2001- present: NB Nursing Association rep on the NB Minister’s Working Group on Violence Against Women
  • 1999: NB Region 3 Health Corp., Facilitator of Rural Acute Psychiatric Service Needs Assessment