Dolores Furlong, RN, BN, MScN, PhD

Contact information

Dolores Furlong
Phone: (506) 458-7649
Fax: (506) 453-4519

Education Summary:

•    Bachelor of Nursing, Memorial University (1973)
•    Masters of Science in Nursing, University of Western Ontario (1980)
•    Doctor of Philosophy, University of Toronto (1994)

Key areas(s) of interest/expertise:

•    Nursing Leadership
•    Rural Helping Studies
•    Nursing Theories
•    Family and Senior Care
•    Canadian and International Health Care
•    Curriculum and Teacher Development
•    Narrative Research Methods

Classroom/clinical teaching summary

BN - Bachelor of Nursing
N3082       Theoretical Foundations in Nursing
N3052    Canadian Health Care Systems
N4234    Independent Studies
N4152        Concentrated Practice III Theory & Labs (Mentor Program)
N4174        Professional Praxis & Reflective Inquiry
N4142         Trends & Issues in Professional Nursing
N1022        Health Across the Lifespan I  Theory

BEd.    Bachelor of Education
ED3063     Health Promotion in Schools
BPhil. Interdisciplinary Leadership, Renaissance College
RC4997    Directed Studies in Interdisciplinary Leadership
RC3995    Selected Topics in Interdisciplinary Leadership
RC4017    Leadership and Public Policy
RC4028  Community Problem-Solving & Research
RC3015    Public Policy Special Topics Forum II
RC3036    Global Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Leadership

PhD,  Doctor of Philosophy
IDST 6203   Interdisciplinary Studies in Narrative Inquiry, University of New Brunswick
SO6804     Advanced Qualitative Research Methods, Dalhousie University
SO6805    Advanced Research Methods Report, Dalhousie University

MN, Masters of Nursing
N6301    Concentration in Nursing Research Method.
N6032     MN Advanced Nursing Practice II.
N6301     Concentration in Nursing Research Method.
N6301    Concentration in Nursing Research Method 
N6001        Nursing Theoretical Development and Analysis
N6041     Concentration in Nursing Research Method

MIDSTMasters in Interdisciplinary Studies, MIDST
IDST 6205  Interdisciplinary Studies in Health Care Topics

Clinical Teaching:
Bachelor of Nursing
N4152    Concentrated Practice III Theory & Labs
N3062    Clinical Practicum:  Community Development
N2023    Clinical Practicum: Health Across the Lifespan I 

BPhil. Interdisciplinary Leadership, Renaissance College
RC (12cr) International Internship
RC (12cr) Canadian Internship

Professional practice, committees, volunteer work summary

•    Faculty of Nursing International Committee (2010- )
•    Faculty of Nursing Ethics Committee (2010 -  )
•    Campus Wellness Committee (2010 -  )
•    Faculty of Nursing Level 1 Assessment Committee (2003-2009)
•    New Brunswick Association of Nurses
•    Sigma Theta Tau International Nurses Association
•    College of Nurses of Ontario
•    Nurses Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
•    Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Narrative
•    Congress 2011 (2010-11)
•    Excellence in Eldercare Conference Team (2008-  )
•    Narrative Matters International and Interdisciplinary Conferences (2002, 04, 06, 10)
•    President, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Region 4 (1987-89)
•    Board Member, Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland (1984-86)
•    President, Newfoundland and Labrador Council on Nursing Research (1983-84)
•    Chair, Education and Scholarship Committee, CFUW, Fredericton Chapter (1987-9)
•    UNB Senate Academic Policies and Procedures (1998-01)
•    UNB Senate Admissions and Student Appeals (1999)
•    UNB Senate on University Philosophy (1999-2000)
•    NANB/ANBLPN Educator’s Forum. RN/LPN Collaborative Practice Initiative (2006)
•    Member, Atlantic Institute for Aging