Faculty & staff directory

Name Position Phone Number Email
Jeremy Levitt Dean of Law and Vice-Chancellor's Chair (506) 453-4702 Email
Janet Austin Acting Associate Dean (506) 453-5022  Email


Full-time faculty
Name Phone Number Email
David G. Bell (506) 453-4721 Email
Aloke Chatterjee (506) 453-4724 Email
Jula Hughes (506) 447-3398 Email
Howard Kislowicz (506) 453-4726 Email
Anne W. La Forest (506) 453-5052 Email
Margaret E. McCallum (506) 453-4679 Email
John P. McEvoy, Q.C. (506) 453-4701 Email
Tammy Moore  (506) 447-3321 Email
Nicole O'Byrne (506) 451-6887 Email
Karen Pearlston (506) 453-4523 Email
Norman V. Siebrasse (506) 453-4725 Email
Karen Stilwell (506) 447-3084 Email
 John R. Williamson (506) 453-4731 Email
 Hilary Young (506) 451-6819 Email


Name Email
Francois Beaulieu Email
Richard Bird Email
John Brooks Email
Margaret Coffin Prowse Email
Catherine Cotter Email
Ellen Desmond Email
George Filliter Email
Amy R. Gough Farnworth Email
Heather Hobart Email
Dennis Klinck Email
Allison McCarthy Email
Ted McDonald Email
Karla O'Regan Email
Benjamin Reentovich Email
David Townsend Email
Edward Veitch Email
Sally Wells Email


Other faculty
Name Position Phone Number Email
Gérard V. La Forest Distinguished Legal Scholar in Residence (506) 447-3345
Beverley G. Smith Professor Emeritus
Anne Crocker  Law Librarian Emerita


Name Position Phone Number Email
Catherine Cotter Reference/Instruction Librarian (506) 447-3265 Email
Susan Jones Technical Services Librarian (506) 447-3267 Email
Janet Moss Head Law Librarian (506) 447-3266 Email


Name Position Phone Number Email
Wanda Foster Law Admissions Officer (506) 453-4703 Email
Pamela Hackett Assistant to the Dean (506) 453-4627 Email 
Stacey Hovey Law Admissions Secretary (506) 453-4693 Email
Joanne Levison Assistant to the Associate Dean (506) 458-7967 Email
Linda Moore Secretary, General Office (506) 453-4641 Email
Clea Ward Director of Career Development and External Relations (506) 453-4678 Email