What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, and its goal is to discover strategies to improve human health and performance.  UNB’s Faculty of Kinesiology has been a Canadian leader in kinesiology, physical education, and recreation since 1957. We have earned a reputation for caring, knowledgeable, and available faculty and staff. Our excellent student-to-professor ratio ensures small class size, providing the attention students require to succeed.

Undergraduate degree programs

Both programs combine high-quality instruction with hands-on learning, and offer placements in career-related work situations. The Faculty’s integration with athletics and recreation opens doors for practical experience as trainers, sports therapists, or program delivery, management and marketing.

Graduate degree programs

Our graduate programs blend the best of theory with the best of practice, providing a unique opportunity for advanced study, research, and work experience. The Faculty leads the province in health and wellness research, and is an international leader in body motion research.