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UNB Fredericton

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Kinesiology peer mentors

Have a question about what it’s like to be a UNB Kinesiology student? Need a little extra help transitioning from high school to university? Our peer mentors are there to support you!

Peer mentors are upper year students who volunteer to help you transition from high school or college to university life at UNB. These students organize KIN camp and are available to help you through your first year.

“Aside from having top notch instructors and a small faculty that encourages collaboration and team work, the UNB Kinesiology faculty prides itself on being a family. Upper year students have no problem helping those that are new or having any issues at all. University is a big step in your lives so it is always nice to have a helping hand.”

Feel free to contact your peer mentors if you have any questions related to academics or university life.

2018-2019 Peer Mentors

Hayfa Beebeejaun, 2nd year BScKin
Nash Brewer, 2nd year BScKin                          
Brooke Brown, 2nd year BScKin                                  
Emma Bryne, 3rd year BScKin                                
Shannon Clark, 4th year BScKin                                 
Brandon Crossman, 3rd year BScKin                             
Cody Davenport, 3rd year BScKin                                
Mikaela Dodig, 3rd year BScKin                                   
Kalpesh Hathi, 4th year BScKin                                   
Samantha Jacobi, 3rd year BScKin
Megan Kieley, 3rd year BScKin

Joe Landine, 4th year BScKin                                                    
Madeline Levesque, 3rd year BScKin
Alisha MacDonald, 2nd year BScKin   
Rickilee, MacLeod, 2nd year BScKin   
Megan McCarthy, 4th year BScKin 
Sarah Park, 2nd year BScKin     
Grace Pelkey, 2nd year BScKin     
Hilary Steeves, 3rd year BScKin
Jamie McCain, 3rd year BRSS
Brianna McQuillan, 3rd year BRSS
Matthew Smith, 2nd year BRSS