Sherry Rose

Name:  Sherry Rose
Area:  Early Childhood Curriculum, Multimodal Literacies, Critical Studies, Narrative Assessment
Phone:  506-453-5024
Fax:    506-453-3569
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Education summary:

Current PhD Student University of New Brunswick
M.Ed. 2002 University of New Brunswick
B.Ed. 1985 University of New Brunswick

Key area(s) of interest/expertise:

Multimodal literacies, Narrative assessment, Early Childhood, Curriculum, Critical Studies ...

Classroom/practicum teaching summary:


Symbolic Representation in Children's Play, Pictures & Print
Cultural Constructions of Childhood
Challenging the Authority of Text
Literacy Learning in the Early Years
Curriculum and Evaluation in the Early Years
Interpreting Play for Curriculum Development
Early Childhood Teaching

Practicum/Professional mentoring:

Currently: working with ECCENB – providing workshops and on the floor support for early childhood educators.
Co-developing curriculum support materials for ECCENB Educators.
Co-developing a Calaborative Assessment Tool for ECCENB Educators.