Project Guidelines

ED6996 Master Project with Report

Under the guidance of a Supervisor, the candidate completes a research project with a report which is equal to a thesis in academic quality but which may be more limited in scope and/or degree of originality. This report is worth six credit hours towards the MEd degree.

A report is preceded by a written proposal made available in the office of the Associate Dean Graduate Studies for a two-week period prior to the student being allowed to proceed. All reports that include the research of human subjects must follow the UNB guidelines for ethical approval. A report must undergo a public defense which is evaluated by the advisor and two readers. All members of the examining committee may be from our GAU.

Reports may be theoretically based or focus on questions of practical import. A report can be developmental, evaluative, or non-traditional in nature. A report may use quantitative, qualitative, or conceptual research designs as listed for the thesis, and is expected to be of the same academic rigor but not of the same scope or scale.

The following examples demonstrate the wide variety of acceptable formats available to students for completing the report. Students should not see this as a comprehensive list of options. They are encouraged to consult with their advisor if they wish to work with a format that is not included in this list.

The report may follow one of three designs: developmental, evaluative, or non-traditional:

Development Designs
Curriculum Unit
Programme Plan

Evaluative Designs
Instruction/Program Assessment
Instrument Development
Needs Assessment

Non-traditional Designs
Arts-based Project
Comprehensive Portfolio
Narrative/Personal Journals
Refereed Article