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The MEd program at UNB Fredericton Campus

UNB is recognized as offering one of Canada's most respected course of studies for Master of Education (MEd) degrees, and a reputation for graduating the very best. We offer the only English graduate program in Education in the province (other than Online Universities), and our program flexibility attracts and accommodates education professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Many of our students are currently teachers in the province and they generally do the program part-time. You'll find a wide-range of people from around the province, and sometimes Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, that are studying either in class, online, or by teleconference—the program is convenient to access.

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The MEd may be concentrated in seven (7) areas:

Adult Education Educational Administration and Leadership (online or face to face)
Counselling Exceptional Learners
Critical Studies in Education Instructional Design
Curriculum (F2F) Curriculum (online)


 There are three (3) program options:

1. Course work option

The course work option is available in all areas of study. Students following the course route must complete a minimum of ten (10) term courses. No more than two (2) of these courses may be at the advanced undergraduate level.

2. Project with report option

The project with report is intended to fulfill the requirement for a significant and independent piece of scholarship. It must be based on the work of the student under supervision of a faculty member. The student may carry out the work at his/her place of employment provided all parties are in agreement. Before gathering data from human participants, the student must obtain approval from UNB's Research Ethics Board. Project Guidelines

Students following the project with report route must complete a minimum of eight (8) term courses and successfully complete and defend a project. Only one (1) of these courses may be at the advanced undergraduate level.

Normally the project with report is considered to be the equivalent of 6 credit hours (two term courses at the 6000 level); however, in some situations, greater weight may be attached to the project and fewer term courses will be required.

3. Thesis option

The MEd degree by thesis is recommended for those who intend to pursue advanced research or further studies. Applicants who hope to go on to doctoral studies are strongly advised to choose the MEd by thesis option.

Students following the thesis route must complete a minimum of five (5) term courses and successfully defend a thesis (equivalent to 15 credit hours at the 6000 level). Only one (1) course may be at the advanced undergraduate level. The thesis requires the student to complete a substantive and independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member.

Those pursuing the thesis option will be assigned, in consultation with the student, a supervisor for his/her thesis. At the option of the supervisor and student, additional members of the School of Graduate Studies can be invited to sit on an advisory committee.

When the written research proposal is approved by the supervisory committee, students may proceed to an oral presentation of the proposal or they may make the proposal available, through the office of the Associate Dean Graduate Studies, for members of the GAU to review for a period of one week. If there is no request made to the supervisor for changes, then the proposal is approved through the signature of the supervisor and placed in the student's file.

Before gathering data from human participants, the student must obtain approval from UNB's Research Ethics Board. Once the research proposal has been approved by the Faculty of Education, the candidate will complete the required ethics forms and submit these to the Faculty Ethics Committee. Once approved by the Faculty Ethics Committee, the application will be forwarded to the University Research Ethics Board (REB) for approval. No research involving humans may proceed without approval of the REB.

The Examining Committee for a thesis is made up of the Supervisor, at least one member of the Education GAU and one member of a GAU external to the Faculty.

When the thesis is ready for oral presentation, a copy of the thesis is placed in the Office of the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for two weeks. This allows members of the GAU opportunity to review the thesis prior to the final oral presentation.

PLEASE NOTE: The MEd has been changed to a 30 credit hour degree. Those concerned with New Brunswick teacher certification regulations should contact the Department of Education to ensure their degree will comply with regulations for certification.