An Online MED for Administrators and Teacher Leaders

ACEAL began offering an online MED in Administration in the summer of 2008.


We are in the process of revising old courses and creating new courses for both its online and face to face programs.

Prospective graduate students in leadership can complete the MED in Administration under the guidance of the leadership centre (or Curriculum) in two to three years online, face to face, or by blending to two mediums of delivery.

The pace is set by you and your context. Our program and courses will reflect the needs and interests of school administrators and teacher leaders, and are informed by provincial, national, as well as international standards for school leadership.

"Wherever you are, our courses are coming to you!"

Courses offered will centre on:

  1. Leadership in Liberal Democracies (ED6017)
  2. School Change and Improvement (ED6005)
  3. Professional Growth and Supervision of Instruction (ED6001 and ED6002)
  4. Organizational Behaviour and Theory (ED6011)
  5. Legal Aspects of Education (ED6007)
  6. School Governance (ED6012)
  7. Cultural Diversity (ED6115)

Future courses under development will include:

  1. Assessment Practice for School Leaders (Developing for Winter 2010)
  2. Teacher Leadership and School Improvement
  3. Shared Decision Making in the Professional Learning Community
  4. Emancipatory Leadership
  5. Standards of Practice for School Leaders