Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BScSwE)

UNB Fredericton’s Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BScSwE) degree is a four-year undergraduate program (five years for co-op students) that teaches you to develop and maintain reliable, safe and efficient software systems.

You will learn about software development that goes beyond programming. You will learn to analyze customer needs and to apply engineering techniques to create software to meet those needs. You will gain the skills and knowledge you need to work on large and expensive software systems that often have safety-critical applications such as in the aviation and nuclear industries.

Because the BScSwE is considered an engineering degree, you will be eligible for registration as a Professional Engineer and an Information Systems Professional when you graduate.

In the first year of the BScSwE program, you will typically take five courses per term, which are common to the other engineering programs, including introduction to computer programming, calculus, linear algebra, computer science concepts, electricity and magnetism, mechanics and chemistry.

Earn while you learn

You can earn money while you learn as well as gain valuable work experience and business contacts if you choose our highly successful co-op program or our Professional Experience Program (PEP). With both these options, you can earn attractive salaries and enjoy challenging placements at companies across the country, giving you the chance to graduate job ready and possibly debt-free.