Steps for Choosing your Courses (First Year BCS)


  • The information on this page is provided to help you with the process of choosing your courses for your first year as a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) student at UNB.

  • You must speak to one of the first-year academic advisors in Computer Science before you will be allowed to register for courses. However, this page should give you most of the information you will need when deciding which courses to take.

    • Note: If you are a student in one of our concurrent degree programs (BA/BCS, BCS/BSC, BCS/GGE), you should see an advisor from both faculties.

    • Note: If you are a student in the BISys program, you should speak to the Information Systems advisor.

    • Note: If you are a student in the BSSwE program, you should speak to the Software Engineering advisor.

  • You should register for both the Fall and Winter terms at the same time. You can change your course selections later if you change your mind about any of your choices. However, you should always speak to an academic advisor before making any changes.

  • As you sit down to work on your course selections, you will often want to consult the UNB timetable (to see when courses are offered) and the list of UNB course descriptions (to see what is covered in each course).

Choosing your courses:

[Note: If you are in the BCS Entrance program, your course selections will be slightly different from the ones described below. Please speak to an academic advisor for details.]

You will register for 5 courses in Term 1, and 5 courses in Term 2. Most BCS students will take the following courses in their first year:

  • CS1073, CS1083, CS1303, CS1203, and INFO1103

  • A math course in each term

  • Three additional courses, chosen from the Faculty of Arts and/or from the Faculty of Business Administration and/or from the Faculty of Science.

As you choose your courses, you should use timetables (one for the Fall, one for the Winter) to keep track of the times at which you have scheduled courses. If you find that a course will not fit into your schedule, you might be able to make room for it by rearranging one of the courses you have already selected. Please speak to one of the academic advisors if you need help with this.


On-line registration:

Once you have made your course selections and had them approved by an academic advisor, you will be able to register for courses on the web. You will need your UNB login ID and your PIN. The on-line web registration system can be found at


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