PEP Program

What is PEP

The Professional Experience Program (PEP) within the Faculty of Computer Science was established by the Board of Governors in 1999. PEP provides an opportunity for senior students, employers and the university to form partnerships, which allow the integration of 12 or 16-month discipline-related internships into students' academic programs. PEP employers are uniquely positioned to participate in the development and training of tomorrow's IT leaders!

Who can benefit from PEP?


  • PEP internships are specifically designed to benefit senior students or transfer students who have completed approximately 3 years of study with good academic performance (please refer to the student section for specific eligibility requirements). Employers:


  •  PEP internships may be of particular interest to employers who wish to hire mature, senior students to work on projects on an extended basis.

How does PEP work?

PEP is open to senior Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Systems and Bachelor of Software Engineering students. The program consists of eight study terms combined with one extended work experience of 12-16 months in duration. It spans a period of just under five years, one year longer than the traditional BCS and BScSwE programs. However, it includes 12-16 months of related work experience which will benefit students when seeking future, permanent employment. For BCS students, PEP allows specialization in a selection of areas as indicated in the most recent academic calendar. After the completion of approximately three years of study, qualified students are eligible to embark on a computer-related work experience matched to their individual needs and preferences.

The diagram below depicts the two typical entry points for PEP. Stream 'A' allows students to embark on PEP internships in May following the completion of third year while stream 'B' students start their work experience the following September.


Year Year1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Year5
A S1 S2 X S3 S4 X S5 S6 P P P P S7 S8
B S1 S2 X S3 S4 X S5 S6 X P P P S7 S8

"S" = Study Term "P" = PEP Term "X" = Summers (students on own)

Download Faculty of Computer Science PEP Handbook (pdf)