Limited only by your imagination!

What do Computer Scientists do?

Computer technology is part of almost everything you do from the car you drive to the movies you watch to the cell phone you use. It drives innovation in almost every area of your life. With new developments in computing happening around the world almost every day, it's impossible to predict what will happen next in this field.

Computer science professionals are the creative people who are responsible for many of these innovations. That means career options for you in computer science are limited literally - only by your imagination.


Your work could help in AIDS vaccine research or combat climate change. You could help find new ways to teach math to children or help the police fight crime. If you choose a career in computer science, you will use your creativity and skills to help people. You will be well-paid and enjoy challenging and interesting work. You will help solve problems and make a positive difference in the world.


Earn while you learn!

Our Co-op program is a paid work-experience program!

You will be job-ready, in great demand by employers and you could possibly graduate debt-free (see a sample Co-op student “budget”, [International]) . As a co-op studentbudgett, you spend four to six terms earning a salary for doing interesting work at a wide variety of companies across the region and the country. Co-op program graduates typically have job offers before they even graduate!

You will combine theory and practice in major long-term projects while earning a competitive salary and gaining relevant work experience.



PEP program

You can also take advantage of our Professional Experience Program (PEP), which allows you to participate in a 12-16 month internship, typically following the third year of study.


The choice is yours

Computer science graduates work in a variety of fields, including artificial intelligence, computer animation, computer security, e-commerce, education, software development, healthcare, game design and development, multimedia, wireless communications, accounting, telecommunications, web design and development, management consulting, public administration and national defense.

Our graduates have gone on to successful careers with:

  • Provincial and Federal Governments
  • NB Power
  • Aliant
  • Irving
  • McCain
  • Blue Cross
  • Atlantic Lottery Corporation
  • National Research Council
  • xwave
  • IBM Canada
  • Microsoft
  • Research in Motion (makers of Blackberry mobiles)
  • Syncrude

You will be in demand

When you graduate from UNB Fredericton with a degree in computer science, you will be job-ready, in demand by employers and you could possibly graduate debt-free.

Every year, there is a need for over 15,000 new information and communication technology (ICT) professionals in Canada, but our universities produce only a little over 7,000 graduates in ICT fields. Canada is not alone in this skills shortage. Demand for qualified computing professionals is growing internationally as companies expand globally.

“Today, there simply aren’t enough people with the right skills to fill the growing demand for computer scientists and computer engineers. This is a critical problem because technology holds the key to progress and to addressing many of the world’s most pressing problems, including health care, education, global inequality and climate change.”
Bill Gates, Feb. 19, 2008, San Jose Mercury News

“... IT workers are being snapped up not only by software and hardware companies, but also by financial firms, ad agencies, food and drug makers, manufacturers and even the fashion industry.”
“IT talent shortage ‘hurting’ most Canadian companies”, by Nestor Arellano, columnist for, Sept. 23, 2008