Bachelor of Applied Arts - FAQ


1)    Where do I apply for the Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) program?

You apply at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). You can do this online here:

Visit the for admissions requirements.

Note that there are no portfolio requirements for admission to the BAA.

2)    When do I apply?

The normal deadline to apply is March 31 before the September in which you want to start. You can apply later, but we might not be able to guarantee a place for you after that date.  Note that you can also apply anytime before March 31, while studying at either UNB or the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design (NBCCD).

3)   Can I take the BAA program at UNBSJ?

The Bachelor of Applied Arts is a UNB Fredericton Faculty of Arts program so the majority of the program needs to be taken at UNB Fredericton.  Students can transfer into the BAA from UNBSJ after taking 30 credit hours of their Arts program.

4)   If I am transferring from another college or university, can courses taken at other institutions count towards my BAA program?

No transfer credits are accepted for the UNB portion of the degree. NBCCD may count courses taken at other institutions towards their portion of the BAA program. For more information, please contact NBCCD's BAA Coordinator, Jan Brooks -


3)    Once I am accepted into the program, what do I do next?

Once you are in the program you must indicate to the Registrars at both institutions where you want to be in the subsequent academic year before March 31.  This is particularly important if you want to go to NBCCD, because space is limited.  If you inform the Registrars after March 31 we cannot guarantee you a place at NBCCD.
Email NBCCD's registrar here:  and UNB's Registrar here:  If you plan to stop taking courses at either institution, please let registrars at both NBCCD and UNB know.

If you plan to start your program at UNB, you can email to start the advising and registration process. 

5)    What courses should I take in my first year?

In your first year at NBCCD you will normally be taking the complete Foundation Visual Arts Certificate program, in which all courses are prescribed. Following the successful completion of all courses you will apply for admission to an NBCCD Diploma, and again, there are prescribed courses.

At UNB you have lots of choices but also some requirements and one required course (ARTS 1000).  Note that many of the upper-level courses you might want to take in your second year at UNB have prerequisites. It is important that you look forward to envision these possibilities when you choose your first-year courses. Note also that if you are planning to take a Bachelor of Education after your BAA, you should check in with the Faculty of Education regarding what teachable courses to take.

You are assigned advisors in each institution who will help you with your decisions.

Your advisor at UNB is Dr. Linda McNutt.

Your advisor at NBCCD is Jan Brooks -

6)    I have a UNB scholarship.  Will I be able to use it while attending NBCCD?

No. UNB Scholarships are available only while you are actually attending UNB. Note that UNB has a number of entrance scholarships that are only available to BAA students who start their studies at UNB - you can find more information about these scholarships here:
As an NBCCD student you are eligible to apply to NBArts for their $2500 scholarships.
Check here for details:

In addition check here for other NBCCD scholarships:

7)    If I start at NBCCD, will I be able to have a validated UNB Student Card?

Yes.   In order to be able to do this, you will need an up-to-date, valid UNB student number.  Please follow these steps:

1. Contact the UNB Registrar's Office to confirm that your BAA program is "active" at UNB. The phone number is 453-4894 or you can email If you are not active, request that you be re-activated. Once you are re-activated or if you were active to begin with, go to step 2.

2. For information about where and when you may get your student card, click on the following link: 

3. Once you have a valid UNB student card, you may access the UNB libraries in the same manner as BAA students taking classes on the UNBF campus. If you have problems accessing library services contact Dr. Linda McNutt -

8)    Will I keep my UNB email address during the programme?

Yes, but you must make sure to claim your email account when you first register at UNB and do any annual upgrades as necessary to your account.  This will be one of the chief ways we can communicate with you throughout the program

9)    Will I have UNB health coverage while attending NBCCD?

All UNB benefits that are paid for separately with your tuition are only available for the years you attend UNB.  There is a counsellor at NBCCD for help when needed.

10)  Can I stay in a UNB Residence while attending NBCCD?

Yes, but make sure that you let the Residence Office know that you are attending NBCCD and need access to Residence for a longer period.

11)  Can I attend classes at both institutions in one year?

You can, but only after you have successfully completed one year of studies in the BAA.

If you want to do this without additional fees, the course must be a necessary part of your BAA program.  You must start by getting approval from the BAA advisor at the institution at which you will be paying full-time fees.  Once you have their approval, you need to similarly check with the advisor at the other institution. They will advise you about timetabling and also whether there is room in the course you want to take.  If everything is approved, they will arrange your enrolment with the registrar.

12)  What are tuition costs?

You can find up to date information on UNB's tuition & fees here.  Books and supplies are extra.

You find up to date information on fees at NBCCD here.

13)  Where do I pay my tuition?

You pay your tuition fees at the institution you will be attending.  Registrars at the respective institutions or the NBCCD College Admission Services (CAS) will notify you when you need to pay a deposit/seat confirmation fee to reserve your place. NBCCD has a deposit /seat confirmation fee of $250 which must be paid 30 days after you receive a request-for-payment letter in the mail from the CAS.

Note that the normal application fee of $50 is waived for your first year (Certificate-Foundation Visual Arts Program, or FVA) at NBCCD.  However, you must pay it in your second year (i.e. the first year of a Diploma).

You pay your tuition and fees at UNB at Financial Services.

14)  When do I start classes?

There are different start and finish dates at each institution. Academic Orientation at UNB usually starts the day after Labour Day in September. You can visit the University Secretariat's Calendar of Important Academic Dates for the current academic year.

For your first year at NBCCD (the FVA program), orientation is August 26th and classes start on the 29th. For your second year at NBCCD (first year of a Diploma) classes start on September 6th. Note also that the College’s semester is normally 16 weeks and the University’s is 13 weeks.


15)  Do I participate in Convocation ceremonies at NBCCD when I receive my Certificate in Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) after completing my first year of my studies at the College?

Yes. You will be allowed to participate in Convocation ceremonies once you meet all NBCCD Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) requirements for graduation (i.e., full payment of tuition and fees, no outstanding College equipment, supplies or books, and achievement of the necessary GPA for certification).  Upon graduation you will receive a NBCCD Foundation Visual Arts Certificate.

16)  How do I apply for the second year of my studies at NBCCD (i.e., the Diploma Programs)?

To enter your second year of studies at NBCCD, which is year one of the two-year Diploma, you will be required to complete a NBCCD application form, pay a $50 application fee for a maximum of two program choices ($100 for International Students).  All documents and payments should be submitted no later than March 31st, 2016. Apply online through the College Admissions Service (CAS).

17)  Upon completion of my second year of studies at NBCCD (i.e., first year of my Diploma Program), can I continue and/or return to the NBCCD to receive a Diploma from the studio of my studies?

Yes. This is an option available to all BAA students.  You can continue to study at NBCCD for a third year (i.e. second year of your Diploma Program).  This can be done immediately after completing your second year of studies at NBCCD, or you can begin studying/return to UNB for completion of your BAA.  You are required to inform both the UNB and NBCCD Registrars no later than March 31 to receive confirmation.

Upon completion of your third year (i.e., second year in the Diploma Program) you can participate in Convocation ceremonies if you have met all the NBCCD Diploma requirements for graduation (i.e., full payment of tuition and fees, no outstanding College equipment, supplies or books, and achievement of the necessary GPA for certification).  Upon graduation you will receive a NBCCD Diploma in your field of study.

18)  What subsequent university or graduate programs can I enrol in after my BAA?

There are lots of different options for more training or education after your BAA. We encourage you to talk with your advisors and teachers at UNB  and NBCCD about these possibilities while you are still in the program

       19)  Additional information regarding moving from NBCCD up to UNB:

At UNB you will have a variety of courses to choose from. Your academic advisor at UNB will help you make appropriate choices for the route you wish to take bearing in mind points made in section 5 and section 17 of this FAQ.
When you have completed your second year at NBCCD you have to inform both institutions that you will be registering at UNB by March 31st for the September intake.
However, as March tends to be exceptionally busy, UNB advises that you make contact with them at the end of January so that you can be put in touch with an academic advisor to assist with your course selections.
For more information please contact Dr. Linda McNutt -