UNB provides millions of dollars in scholarship support each year thanks to donations from generous alumni and other supporters as well as an ongoing commitment by UNB to devote university funds for students.

For example, UNB provides scholarships for high school students ranging in value from $500 to $80,000. Chances are the higher the scholarship average, the higher the value of scholarship support, so it pays to study! To be considered, high school students must apply before March 1! One application covers both UNB campuses.

Some of the Canada's largest scholarships available to high school students can be found at UNB. The Schulich Leaders Scholarship is valued at $80,000 for a student studying Engineering and $60,000 for a student studying in the other the STEM subjects at UNB. Four students from Atlantic Canada will receive the Currie Undergraduate Scholarship valued at $65,000 and three New Brunswick students will receive the Beaverbrook Scholars Award valued at $48,000. Two students from New Brunswick will receive the JDI NB Scholarship valued at $32,000.

UNB provides scholarship support to International students as well. International students who begin UNB directly from high school or transfer to UNB from another post-secondary institution and have an admission average of 80% or higher will be considered for scholarship support as long as they submit a scholarship application.

UNB tries to keep it simple when it comes to applying for scholarship support. Completing one application each year of your undergraduate study makes you eligible to be considered for almost all of UNB's undergraduate scholarships - that's more than 850 different scholarships!

Different scholarship opportunities are available depending on the type of student you are. Please select the appropriate link on the right that best describes you, so you can find out more about available opportunities.