Philosophy Undergraduate Program

General Information

School of AthensPrerequisites

Any course in Philosophy may be taken in any year, provided that the prerequisites for the course have been met, and subject to the regulations of the student's degree program. The following list gives the general prerequisites for Philosophy courses at each level:

  • 1000 Courses: general introductory courses.
  • 2000 Courses: courses in specific areas of the subject. They are usually taken by people who have already done some philosophy. However, they have no formal prerequisites, and are often taken by students beginning the subject who have some special interest or other reason for taking them. They may be taken by first year students.
  • 3000 Courses: 6 ch. in Philosophy, or the permission of the instructor, is prerequisite.
  • 4000 Courses: 12 ch. in Philosophy, or the permission of the instructor, is prerequisite.

Courses Offered by STU

Courses offered by the Department of Philosophy, St. Thomas University, may be taken for credit by students registered at the University of New Brunswick with the permission of the Departments of Philosophy at both Universities.

Certain areas of philosophy receive more explicit attention in STU courses than in UNB courses. These include medieval philosophy; philosophers such as Augustine, Aquinas, Marcel, Teilhard, Buber and Lonergan; social and political philosophy, including human rights, social change, social values, and justice; the philosophy of history; the philosophy of man; concepts of love; the phenomenology of communication; humanism; Christian thought; modern atheism; and freedom. For more specific details of the courses available, consult the STU Calendar. (Year courses at St. Thomas University will be given 6 ch weighting. Term courses will receive 3 ch weighting).

Students Beginning Philosophy

Courses with numbers in the 1000's introduce the student to various areas of the discipline. Students taking philosophy for the first time should choose one or more of these or of the courses numbered in the 2000's, according to their particular interests. Several of them are paired at the same times in the first and second term for time-tabling convenience.

Programs in Philosophy

Students who are entering the Junior level (i.e. completing 60 Credit Hours) and who are interested in taking a Minor, a Major or Honors in Philosophy, either alone or with some other subject, will find the requirements stated in the Calendar (Pages F.111-F.112) and should talk to the Chair of the Department.