The Majors Program

Students photoStudents electing history as a single major are required to complete at least 42 ch of history courses, with at least 24 ch at the upper level (3000- or 4000-level courses). Students must choose at least 6 ch from courses that deal with historical periods before the nineteenth century, and they must show a concentration of at least 18 ch of courses in a particular field, such as Canadian, American, European or Military/International history, with at least 12 ch in that concentration at the upper level. The detailed regulations may be obtained from the Undergraduate Calendar, or by contacting the Department.

Majors students are advised by the departmental Director of Majors. The same kinds of small-group, tutorial-based instruction that characterize the foundation courses are continued at the upper level, for specializing majors students. Courses at the 4000-level are tutorialized and have limited enrolments, to ensure close contact between students and the course instructor. The breadth and flexibility of the majors program attracts many students. Typically the History Department graduates twenty-five students a year with single Majors in history, with another ten completing the BA degree with a double Major in history and some other discipline. History Majors participate in extracurricular activities, such as the History Society, the Department's programs of invited speakers and special films; and they may play alongside other students and younger members of faculty on departmental intramural athletic teams.