Classical Studies Program

Classical Studies --- Is the study of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome through their literary and material remains. In addition to the language-intensive program in Classics, the study of the classical cultures of Greece and Rome may also be undertaken as a more general exploration of the rich heritage of modern western culture. Therefore, students with a keen interest in Greece and Rome who do not intend to pursue graduate study of these ancient cultures are directed to the program of Classical Studies. This program may lead to professional training in law or journalism or education etc., or serve as a valuable complement to a primary academic discipline (such as History, English, Sociology, or Political Science).
Honours* in Classical Studies
Major in Classical Studies
36ch of advanced courses in Classics, Latin, or Greek

12ch from either LAT 1103, 1113, 2105, 3105; or GRK 1203, 1213, 2205, 3205
42ch of Classics, Latin, or Greek, at least 30ch of which must be advanced courses 
*Honours Programmes require a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the honours subjects, with no grade less than 2.0