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The Faculty of Arts Internship gives students the chance to apply the core skills of critical thinking, writing, research, communication, and research at different organizations in the Fredericton community. To help you navigate what placements might be best for you we have divided them into the following categories. Keep in mind the categories are not rigid (which is why some placements appear in more than one category) and there are many different types of projects that will help you to develop your skills and pursue your interests, all while gaining practical work experience and earing academic credit!

Writing and Research
Media Arts and Design
Communications and Organization
Health and Social Services

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery

BAG interns

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The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is the official art gallery of New Brunswick and has been our longest partner organization. The Gallery was the site of the first Faculty of Arts internship placement partnership in the 2008-2009 academic year. The Gallery was officially opened to the public on September 16, 1959. The permanent collection (Masterworks) includes 300 works of art that were gifted from Sir Max Aitken's (Lord Beaverbrook) personal collection and has since grown to almost 4000 pieces from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the world, including the New Brunswick collection "with the intention of providing a comprehensive historical survey of the visual arts" in New Brunswick "featuring strong representation of the creative expression of local Acadian, Maliseet, and Mi'kmaq artists."

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery typically takes three student interns per year and prefers to host students for the full year option (link?). Student interns support Gallery staff in researching and updating information regarding copyright holdings, coordinating public programs and events (including education and afterschool program) and research on the collections and artists. Interns at the Gallery also may have the opportunity to assist with other Gallery tasks like learning proper techniques for handling and hanging art exhibitions, sitting in on professional meetings, among other things.

The Charlotte Street Arts Centre


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The Charlotte Street Arts Centre became a partner in the Faculty of Arts Internship in 2011 and has hosted a student every year since.The CSAC dates back to 1884. It was originally a school with six classrooms (three on each floor). Since it opened, the school was renovated and expanded for 90 to accommodate more students. In the 1970s, it ceased being a school and was used by the school board for offices, special education, a teacher resource centre, and finally, an audio-visual centre.

Since the building is under constant renovation, the administrators of the building, the Fredericton Arts and Learning organization, are constantly trying to raise awareness about the importance of the building and its history, and to make it accessible to all members of the public. The Charlotte Street Arts Centre student intern therefore has the opportunity to make a big impact in his or her placement through the organization of fund-raising events, researching and writing facets of the history of the School, and raising public awareness, among other things.

Past interns have written and performed scripts for the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, assisted in the organization of major fundraising events like the Hallowe’en Haunted House, and much more. However, each internship placement varies depending on the programs at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre and the student’s interest.

Connexion ARC

connexion arc

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Connexion ARC (Artist-run Centre for Contemporary Art) is a dynamic community of people dedicated to contemporary art, and to emerging and experimental artists and ideas. Connexion ARC became a partner in the Faculty of Arts Internship in 2011. In the past, students have supported the Connexion through providing curatorial and administrative assistance, exhibition programming, and online and media research projects. As with most partner organizations, the major projects for interns are based on current programming requirements as well as the interests of the student. For students wanting to learn more about the local and emerging artistic scene, and the operations of a not-for-profit/small business, Connexion ARC is an excellent place to be an intern.

"The greatest value that an internship with Connexion provides would probably have to be practical experience in the operation of an organisation that is small but has a national and international scope. As well, there is a lot to be gained through contact with emerging visual and media art communities. We are also probably the most fun organisation in the city (no citation provided)." - John Cushnie, Executive Director of Connexion ARC

Green Party Legislative Office


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In 2014-2015, MLA David Coon and his staff hosted a student intern at the Green Party Legislative Office. Student interns working with the Green Party Legislative office provide research support for the MLA, assist the Legislative staff with specific tasks related to Private Member Bills, Amendments, Motions, Questions, and Petitions, among other things. Interns working at the Green Party Legislative Office work in the fast-paced environment of the NB Legislature and see first-hand the political process in New Brunswick.

Students with strong writing and communication skills, an interest in the political process, and research skills are ideally suited for this placement.

The Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society


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One of UNB's distinguished research centres, The Milton F. Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society is devoted to excellence in the study of war as a complex social phenomenon. With the goal of increasing understanding of the cause, course, and consequence of armed conflict, the Gregg Centre is internationally recognized for its graduate program, undergraduate and graduate teaching, public outreach, popular and scholarly publications, and its expertise in all aspects of modern conflict.

The Gregg Centre has a series of exciting research projects ongoing that pertain to local, Canadian, and International history of war and society from many periods. Student interns have the opportunity to work with Gregg Centre faculty on research projects (they get to ‘be’ historians) and they are enabled to hone their skills by writing pieces for the Gregg Centre blog. The Gregg Centre is also involved in creating education materials for Canadian students and teachers. The Gregg Centre is an ideal location for students from a variety of disciplines – not just history and there is opportunity for students who are interested in following their undergrad up with a Bachelor of Education.

Heritage Branch, Government of New Brunswick


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The Heritage Branch of the Government of New Brunswick first partnered with the Faculty of Arts Internship in 2014. Heritage Branch is responsible for protecting and promoting the tangible and intangible aspects of New Brunswick's past. Tangible aspects include buildings and structures, archaeological and historic sites, cultural landscapes, cemeteries, sacred places, monuments, artifacts, specimens and collections. Intangible aspects include beliefs, ideas, customs, toponomy, language, religion, and stories. To this end, they support and organize province-wide Heritage Education activities, including Heritage Fairs and a Heritage Week, on an annual basis. The student intern supports the mandate of the Heritage Branch by providing research assistance and administrative support for Heritage Week and the Heritage Fairs while also being involved in the day-to-day operations of the branch.

Heritage Branch is an ideal place for students from a variety of disciplines to hone their skills and to experience the fast-pace working environment of the provincial government. Heritage Branch is also an ideal location for students who are considering a follow-up degree in Public History, Education or for those who are interested in considering public service as a career.


New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame


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The New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame works to instill pride in accomplishments in sports in the province. NB Sports Hall of Fame is located in the John Thurston Clark Memorial Building, a national historic site located in the heart of Fredericton’s garrison district. The Sports Hall of Fame has multiple facets: it is a museum to the history of sport in NB, it honours athletes from the province, and also provides educational support and a fun location for young and old to explore the culture of sport in New Brunswick.

Interns working at the Sports Hall of Fame need not be diehard sports fans. There is enough at the Sports Hall of Fame to interest any student and the setting is an ideal one for students to work with the staff at the Sports Hall of Fame to research and create exhibits to fulfill the mission of the Sports Hall of Fame. Most of the UNB interns, however, have developed a keen appreciation for the athletes who have been inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame through the process of learning their stories and understanding their plight.

There are many fulfilling projects for an intern working at the Sports Hall of Fame that include research and writing, curatorial support, digital preservation and display of precious artefacts and documents. One of the latest projects at the Sports Hall of Fame was to research and create educational materials about New Brunswick sports heroes who put down their sports equipment to serve in the First or Second World War.

Upcoming projects include research on the Paris Crew’s 150th anniversary in 2017 which will tie into celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation. July 8, 1867 marks the 150th anniversary of the Paris Crew's astonishing victory at the World Rowing Championship in Paris, France. Their win just seven days after Confederation made the New Brunswick based rowers the first Canadians to win an international sporting event.

After their placements have been completed, interns with the UNB Arts 3000 program have been hired to work full time in the summer, and part time in the fall and winter on various projects at the NB Sports Hall of Fame, providing a source of income and flexible hours during the school year.

UNB Archives and Special Collections


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UNB Archives and Special Collections houses journals, periodicals, private papers, and special documents and artefacts that are outside the regular collection at UNB’s libraries. They have been a partner with the Internship since the 2012-2013 academic year.

Student interns working at the UNB Archives and Special Collections have a very unique opportunity. They work with the collection at the archives to write the history of UNB for the “UNB’s History at a Glance” Wiki. This history is really the first draft of a history about UNB and serves to preserve and disseminate the history of the University of New Brunswick. This placement serves as excellent preparation for students interested in graduate work in history or the humanities, library students or archival work, but ultimately allows the student to be an historian. Writing is an asset for this placement but students need not be history majors. As in all our placements, the onsite supervisors and staff at the Archives offer excellent guidance for how to get the job done.

NB Media Co-op

media coop

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The NB Media Coop is an independent media voice in New Brunswick. The Media Co-op was formed in 2009 and is dedicated to reporting on the under-reported stories from across the province, Canada and the world. The Co-op has partnered with the Faculty of Arts Internship since 2012-2013.

Students working with the NB Media Co-op have the opportunity to participate in all facets of the journalist enterprise from story meetings to researching and writing stories for the Co-op’s publication The Brief. The Brief is the monthly publication of the Media Co-op and has a distribution of 2500 across the province of New Brunswick. In addition to writing stories for The Brief past interns have support the Co-op by organizing fundraisers for the not-for-profit organization, being the voice of the Co-op and The Brief on the UNB campus, and supporting the Co-op’s social media.

This internship placement is suited for students with strong writing, research, and communication skills and is an ideal place for students who are interested in exploring a follow on career in journalism.

NB Filmmaker's Co-op

film set interns

(Pictured above: Students on set filming 'Gary')

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Coming Soon - see website NB Filmmaker's Cooperative

Fredericton Region Museum


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Coming soon - see website Fredericton Region Museum

Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research


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Coming soon - see website MMFC.

NB Social Policy Research Network


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Coming soon - see website NB Social Policy Research Network.

UNB Student Services (Student Services and Counselling Services)


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Coming soon - see website for Student Services.

UNB Media Services

Coming soon - see website for UNB Media Services.

The New Brunswick Red Cross

Coming soon - see website for NB Red Cross.