Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) was founded in 1986 as an organization of and for all graduate students to enhance their academic and non-academic pursuits and to provide representation. The GSA is governed by a council of representatives selected by the graduate student chapters of each academic department and supported by annual fees paid by each graduate student at UNB. The GSA operates the Graduate Student Centre and the Windsor Castle Bar in Alden Nowlan House, located on the UNB campus at 676 Windsor Street. The Sociology Graduate Student Chapter is one of the departmental societies funded by the fees collected by the GSA. A portion of these fees are returned to department chapters contingent upon departmental representatives attending monthly meetings of the GSA Council or participating in other university level committees. Department chapters then disperse the funds generated by these fees to their members in the form of bursaries, travel grants, or funds to support guest speakers. Among other events, the GSA holds its Annual Conference on Student Research. This conference provides opportunities for students to develop both lecture and poster presentation skills and also provides a forum for the entire University community to learn about the diverse areas of research graduate students are engaged in at UNB.