Graduate Programs

Graduate Degrees in Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers integrated MA/PhD degrees in: (1) Clinical Psychology and (2) Experimental Psychology. The integrated MA/PhD is designed to provide extensive specialized study leading to a PhD (a master's degree will not typically be conferred during the course of study). The Experimental Program uses a research-mentoring model to provide individualized training in research and teaching to prepare students for research-oriented careers. The Clinical Program provides students with skills in assessment, treatment and outcome evaluation for careers in service settings under appropriate supervision. In addition, the clinical program prepares students for academic and research careers in clinical psychology. More specific information about these two programs can be found by following the links above.

Students may be admitted to either the clinical or experimental program with a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in psychology and will complete requirements for the MA/PhD respectively as full-time students. Students accepted into one of the two programs are not permitted to switch to the other program. Students wishing to switch programs must apply for admission to the other program and they will be considered along with all other applicants. These degrees are approved at all appropriate levels of the University and by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission.

In addition to the two doctoral programs, there is also a terminal MA Program in Experimental Psychology that is administered by the Department of Psychology at UNB Saint John. All applications to this program are processed through the Saint John campus. Further information can be obtained at the following web page: Saint John MA Program

Faculty members of the Graduate Academic Unit on either the Fredericton or Saint John campuses can supervise students in any of our graduate programs.