Psychology Graduate Program

History of Graduate Education at UNB

Grad HistoryThe University of New Brunswick is one of the oldest universities in Canada, dating back to 1785. The first graduate program was established in 1830, and a total of 101 M.A. degrees were conferred in the nineteenth century. The Department of Psychology was established as an independent academic unit in 1966, and in the same year a two-year M.A. program was developed with areas of specialization in both experimental and applied psychology. Between 1966 and 1994 well over 100 students graduated, with the majority coming from the applied stream. Over the years, the M.A. in applied psychology shifted so that a greater emphasis was placed on clinical skills training, thereby enabling graduates to meet the Province of New Brunswick's licensing requirements for psychologists.

In 1981, a Ph.D. program was established. This program was primarily self-directed with the major focus on preparing students for completion of doctoral level research. Between 1984 and 1994, approximately 8 students were conferred the Ph.D. degree. In 1995, the M.A. and Ph.D. programs were integrated so that students are now admitted to a five-year doctoral program at the post-baccalaureate level or with advanced standing at the Master's level. This integrated Ph.D. program now offers two streams, clinical and experimental and applied. The clinical psychology program was accredited by CPA in 2000 and by APA in 2004.* Currently, there are 36 students enrolled in the clinical program and 10 students in the experimental and applied program.

*In February 2007, APA announced that it will cease accrediting Canadian clinical psychology programs after 2014.  In light of this decision, for our regularly scheduled accreditation review in 2008-2009 we sought CPA accreditation only. APA accreditation of the clinical program expired at the end of 2008.