Program in Experimental Psychology

 Overview of the Program

The Experimental Psychology Program emphasizes skills training in research and teaching, as well as practical experience using links to community partners, to prepare students for research, teaching, and applied careers in Psychology. There are five primary streams of research conducted by the faculty with which students can identify: Brain, Behaviour & Cognitive Science; Developmental; Forensic; Health; and Social. The Fredericton and Saint John campuses coordinate course offerings to provide a wide range of options to students, as well as the chance to collaborate with experts in other research areas. Students are expected to spend much of their time in research activities. Their enrolment in research apprenticeships in their first two years facilitates this aspect of the program, but other independent and collaborative research projects are strongly encouraged. In addition, a strong basis in research methods and statistics through course work and individual mentoring is provided so that students can develop and strengthen skills relevant to research.

Teaching abilities are also a primary focus of the program and are honed through the completion of a two-part teaching apprenticeship, again using a mentorship model. The first part requires a student to shadow a professor as he or she provides an undergraduate course; the second part requires that the student teach the course while being mentored by the professor. Students are also strongly encouraged to complete the Diploma in University Teaching, which is available at UNB. Finally, flexibility in program offering is emphasized to tailor our approach to student needs and to best fit course work to career trajectories and student interests.