Clinical Program Statistics

The number of applications in the past seven years has ranged from 55-81 with an average of 65.7. In Winter 2015, 61 completed applications were received, 7 offers of admission were made, and 5 of these offers were accepted. The number of students who begin the clinical program each year ranges from 2 to 6. As of September 2015, there are 40 students (35 female, 5 male) in the program with approximately 15% self-identifying as diverse (i.e., minority, disability, LGBTQ). Students range in age from 22-48 years. About 12% of the students are from New Brunswick, with the remainder coming from across Canada. Among the 29 students who have applied for the pre-doctoral internship in the past seven years, 28 (96.6%) were matched to an internship in their first application year and 1 student was matched to an internship during their second application year.For the 23 students who have completed the Ph.D. degree in the past seven years, the average time to completion was 8.3 years post Bachelor’s degree and 6 years post Master’s degree. During this time, 2 students have withdrawn before completing the Ph.D. degree. All of the graduates in the past seven years have successfully become registered/licensed psychologists in their province of choice.