Interdisciplinary MA/PhD Students

Donna CurtisDonna G. Curtis Maillet (PHD Candidate)

BA (St. Thomas), MLIS (University of British Columbia), MSc (University of London)

Supervisor: Dr. Melanie Wiber

 Donna’s studies focus on knowledge creation and exchange between fishing and scientific community stakeholders of South Western New Brunswick  lobster (Homarus americanus) industry. Specifically, Donna has been examining the collaborative development of a research protocol between fishermen, academic marine biologists, DFO oceanographers and biologists, and anthropologists participating in the three year Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) funded project An Ethnographic Study of Risk Assessment in Coastal Management: Resource Sustainability and Community Resilience lead by Dr. Melanie Wiber.  As part of the Risk Assessment Study,  this work will contribute towards one of the Study’s objectives to increase understanding of the impact of aquaculture on lobster ecology with the overarching aim of improving management of both aquaculture and lobster fishing. 


nora fathalipourNora Fathalipour  (Interdisciplinary MA)   

BA (SOAS, London)

Supervisor: Dr. Melanie Wiber

Nora’s research looks into dominant political and legal discourses and their relationship with public policy making and the role of migrant ethnic minorities in challenging the legal status quo. Her research interests include legal pluralism, jurisprudence, ethnic minorities, migration, public policy, legal discourses and their relationship with politics, Foucault, super-diversity, identity, conflict resolution, First Nations/indigenous peoples, and the future of interdisciplinary studies.


Sally McGrath (Interdisciplinary PhD)Sally McGrath

 B.A from UNB and BEd from STU

 Supervisors: Dr. Maria Papaioannou and Dr. Susan Blair

Sally is doing an Inter-Disciplinary PhD in Classical Archaeology and Archaeosteology. She is interested in the Mycenaean period and the origins of the chariot horses used during the Bronze Age. She is currently examining horse bones from a mortuary site in Greece to determine where they were raised. Another aspect of her research involves iconography, and the new way horse images were presented during the Late Bronze Age (LHII-LHIIB) in Greece. Through studying iconography in other parts of the Mediterranean and Western Europe she is looking for these particular characteristics that appear in Greece.