Graduate Academic Unit

Full Time Faculty

Susan E. Blair  Associate Professor; Department Chair
BA (McMaster), MA (New Brunswick), PhD (Toronto)
Pre-contact archaeology, north eastern North America, ancient technology, watercraft, riverine adaptations.

M. Gabriel Hrynick  Assistant Professor; Undergrad Advisor
BA (Maine), MA (New Brunswick), PhD (Conn)
Archaeology, Shell-Bearing Deposits, Hunter-Gatherer Architecture and Ritual, Riverine Transport, History of Archaeology, Atlantic Canada and New England.

Koumari Mitra  Professor
BSc, MSc, PhD (Delhi)
Biological anthropology, human genetics, medical anthropology, South Asia.

Amy Scott   Assistant Professor
BA (Trent), MA (Western), PhD (Manitoba)
Bioarcheology; osteology; skeletal stress; biochemistry; ancient proteins; growth and development; mortuary archaeology; Medieval Europe; 18th century Atlantic Canada.

Daniel Tubb  Assistant Professor
BA (Trent), MA, PhD (Carleton)
Economic and environmental anthropology, agrarian studies, political economy, natural resource extraction (gold and oil palm), international development studies, human rights, citizenship and violence, Afro-descendant communities, the Choco, Colombia, Latin America, New Brunswick, and the Canadian Maritimes.

Melanie Wiber  Professor, Graduate Student Director
BA (Lethbridge), MA, PhD (Alberta)
Legal and economic anthropology, Canadian Maritimes, resource management, rural development, economic change, legal anthropology, property systems, fisheries, gender studies.

Honorary Research Professor

David Black
BA (Simon Fraser), MA (McMaster), PhD (McMaster)
Prehistoric archaeology, geoarchaeology, structural and stratigraphic analyses of coastal shell-bearing sites, zooarchaeology and the human ecology of hunter-gatherers adapted to marine shorelines.

Adjunct Professors

Matthew Betts
BA, MA, PhD (University of Toronto)
Archaeology - lithic material analysis, zooarchaeology - shell-bearing deposits, human ecology - North America, Atlantic Canada.

Alex Sumner
BA, MA, PhD (University of Toronto)
archaeologist with a special interest in lithic artifacts with a particular focus on the period spanning the late Earlier and the Middle Stone Ages of sub-Saharan Africa (beginning ~400-30,000 years before present).