Dr. Sandra MagalhaesSandra Magalhaes

Post-doctoral Fellow

BHSc (University of Western Ontario); MSc (University of Western Ontario); PhD (McGill University)

Sandra joined UNB in the fall of 2017. She holds a two-year NBHRF & CIHR-SPOR-MSSU Post-doctoral Fellowship.

Prior to coming to UNB, Sandra completed doctoral studies in epidemiology at McGill University. She also has a master’s in epidemiology and a bachelor of Health Sciences with Biology, both from the University of Western Ontario.  She has worked as a research manager on several research projects.

Research interests

Sandra’s main research interest is neuroepidemiology. For the last 10 year her research has been focused on multiple sclerosis (MS), both in children and adults, and specifically on the role that environmental factors play in determining disease risk. Sandra’s research is also oriented on the measurement properties of self-report questionnaires to quantify environmental exposures in observational studies. She has also completed research on pediatric neuromuscular diseases and epilepsy, as well as on the physical and mental health of Canadian Veterans.

While at UNB, under the supervision of Drs. Dan Crouse and Neeru Gupta, Sandra will be working with the NB-IRDT to explore the distribution of MS in New Brunswick and to examine the link between air pollution and MS.

Selected publications

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Office: Singer Hall, Room 453

Email: sandra.magalhaes@unb.ca