Dr Carmen Gill

Carmen GillProfessor
BA, MA, PhD (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Dr. Carmen Gill is the leader of the Canadian observatory on the justice system response to intimate partner violence and her research focuses on police intervention in intimate partner violence, domestic homicide, treatment of perpetrators and victims through the criminal justice system. She is compiling data on domestic homicides in New Brunswick and is conducting research on police response to intimate partner violence, using quantitative methods including a survey on perceptions and attitudes and the review of domestic dispute files. Dr. Gill has also used qualitative methods such as individual interviews and focus groups in different research projects.

Selected Publications

  • Gill, C., Fitch, L. & K. Greenwood. (2016). National Framework on Collaborative Police Proaction on Intimate Partner Violence. Sociology, UNB, March.
  • Weeks, L., MacQuarrie, C., Begley, L. and C. Gill. (2016). “Strengthening Resources for Midlife and Older Rural Women Who Experience Intimate Partner Violence”, Women and Aging.
  • Gill, C. 2013. "Le fémicide au Canada: Le cas du Nouveau-Brunswick". Nouvelles questions féministes. Vol. 32, no 1.
  • Gill, C. 2012. Domestic homicide in New Brunswick (1999-2008), Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for family violence research, December.
  • Gill, C. & L. Ruff. 2010. Moncton Provincial Court-Domestic Violence Pilot Project: A Comparative Study. Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for family violence research, March.

Supervision areas

Criminology, gender relations, families, violence in society and family violence.

Please contact me to discuss possible supervision for undergraduate, MA, and PhD research projects.

Email: Dr Carmen Gill

Office: Tilley Hall, Room 17

Phone: +1 (506) 452-6367