Ryan Priddle

Biographical Sketch

Although he did not complete a degree from UNB, Ryan took a number of classes at UNB during the early 2000's. His studies began at St. Thomas in the fall of 2000 where he became introduced to philosophy via an interdisciplinary "great books" program. Throughout his degree, he took and/or audited whatever philosophy courses were available at STU,and also supplemented his interests with courses at UNB. There, he was particularly interested in Professor Daniel Ahern's seminar courses on recent European thought. His honors thesis was an examination of Plato and Heidegger directed by Professor Gilbert-Walsh, who served as an invaluable mentor thoughtout his undergraduate career.

During his days at STU, he was President of the Philosophy Society, presented on Heidegger during the University's second annual student conference and gave an invited talk on Nietzche and tradegy. After graduating from STU, he moved temporarily to Germany to do an immersion program at the Goethe Institut in Dresden. In 2006, he began an MA in Continental Philosophy at the University of Warwick in England, having won Warwick's North American Postgraduate Scholarship.

He wrote his MA thesis on Hegel and Antigone, which was supervised by Stephen Houlgate. In the Fall of 2008, he began his PhD in Philosophy at Boston Univesity.

Currently, his main philosophical interests are in Continental Philosophy (esp. Heidegger), ethics, aesthetics, and the various points where the above intersect.