Scott Dunham

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I attended UNB as an undergraduate student in Philosophy in the 1980s. I completed two master's degrees at Acadia University and a Ph.D. at McMaster University in Religious Studies, in the area of Western religious thought. I have also lived, during periods of research, in Victoria where I worked at the University of Victoria's Centre for the Study of Religion and Society, and in Vancouver where I was at Regent College.

Research Interests

My research interests are at the nexus where philosophy and theology intersect with ethics, particularly in relation to environmental philosophy.

Generally, I am interested in the ways that modernity distorts classical and medieval understandings of nature and creation. In challenging such misunderstandings, I hope to show how the contextually sensitive understanding of the history of philosophical thought in the classical and medieval West can be fruitful in
appreciating a philosophical ecology. My specific interests and recent publications have been on Augustine and how his thought relates to questions of environmental ethics and the rise of environmental problems in modernity.

Currently I am working on the thought of Aldo Leopold, a twentieth century forester whose work in environmental ethics dramatically shaped the discipline. His approach to ethics has much in common with premodern ethics. I wish to explore that area, and in particular the importance of beauty for environmental ethics.


Contact Information:

Scott Dunham

Office: Carleton Hall, Room 232
Phone: (506) 453-5073